Automotive Window Film

automotive window film

V-KOOL’s Unique Technology Makes it the Most Advanced Window Film Available Today

V-KOOL is an advanced window film that provides superior UV protection for your car and home.
The film features a unique design that allows it to reflect heat back into the room while keeping the glass cooler in warmer weather.

Easy To Install

V-KOOL films are easy to install. Simply remove the existing film and apply the new one.
You won’t need any special equipment.

Increase Comfort & Privacy

V-KOOL window films offer superior UV protection. They’re also designed to help reduce heat gain and glare. And because they’re made with advanced technology, they’re more durable than traditional window films.

Reduce Heat Loss During Summer Months

In addition to protecting against harmful UV rays, V-KOOL window film helps in keeping your car and home being cooler, by reducing heat loss through your windows and it emits 132kgs less CO2.This means less energy use and lower utility bills.

Protect Against Harmful UV Rays

V-KOOL window films are made with advanced technology that allows them to block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, while still allowing natural light to pass through and they help in reducing the heating costs and save energy.

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